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All badminton organisations, no matter if they are in Asia, Europe or America, experience similar challenges in their everyday work. They all struggle with problematic legislation, slow organisation or poor management of events. Having non-professional setup, fewer human resources, and hardly traceable membership payments affect how the organisation functions. Last but not least their overall image and presentation, including their website, is often underdeveloped or even missing. is a subscription-based online ERP system that can facilitate non-profit badminton organisations with their day-to-day challenges. Badmintoo offers automated yet custom solutions which can help you tackle all the challenges your organisation might face daily. With Badmintoo, each organisation will get customised legalisation, including charts of accounts compatible with the country they are registered. They will receive a custom logo, web design and overall corporate identity. Badmintoo also offers event, account and HR management and much more. is an automated tool that helps you manage and systematise your badminton organisation in an easy, efficient, optimized and cost-saving way! is empowered by different systems and combines their best benefits and creates the ultimate All in One, out of the box solutions for Badminton-related organisations.
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AROX Solutions

Additional Components at your fingertips (with hardware)

Your Hygroboxes

All Hygroboxes are displayed, monitored and tracked. The system will send you
reminders if you need to do anything about their maintenance or give access to somebody.

Your Bookings

Your halls, your courts, possible to be booked and managed online. You can decide
how do you want to manage them, with complete payment system behind it.

Your tournaments

Organise a tournament with almost no effort. Publish online draws, see live results
online, organised all courts and sync your streaming online. 

Streaming Live Events

Stream your training sessions, courses or tournaments at Facebook, Vimeo and
Facebook at the same time. Optional OTT platforms are available. 

Education & Development Module

Our educational system is fully integrated at all levels, so you can have all tutorials 
at your fingertips and ensure that the whole team is working in the same direction.

School management

Special customisation for Sports Schools with complete management of players and pupils
profiles, parents meetings and much more. 

Software and hardware working in sync mode

Powered by AI Raspberry PI solutions

Odoo Framework powered by our own servers and firmware

We took it a bit further, not only to built over the Odoo Framework but to create our own IoT box with the capacity to integrate out of the box different Hardware like video cameras, tablets, educational boards, POS terminals and much more. 

The result is a unique server-based AROX framework which communicates with the Odoo ERP modules in realtime and allows us to develop on the top of it and independently of the lifecycle of Odoo ERP.