Badminton Coaches and Athletes

Loughborough, United Kingdom

About the position - is based in ATIC (Loughborough University) and has been created as a platform for the badminton community, aiming to provide a science-led system, materials and courses.

Our team is made of high-level Professional Badminton coaches, researchers and academics from Loughborough University, and we aim to democratise the high-level bespoke science and practical knowledge available, making it available to anyone.

We have created a revolutionary approach to understanding badminton and its development (Badminton-Specific Development Framework) and offering the following:


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Courses for coaches,
athletes and parents

Badminton-specific community

Remote coaching for athletes,
parents and coaches

We are moving from ideation and PoC development to the client and market validation stage with a first MVP product. We are looking for badminton athletes and coaches who can help us test the product and its capacity as product testers.

You can apply for this position if you are an advanced or elite badminton athlete or a coach.

What do we expect from you?

  • Dedicate time (1-2 hours per week) for coaching and feedback sessions
  • The capacity to make high quality videos of your players (advanced smartphone and tripod is enough)
  • Access to high-quality internet (upload/download of large files for feedback)
  • Professional feedback once a week (we can provide you with the forms for it)

What do we offer?

  • 3 months development programme online via the platform
  • 1 profile for 3-5 of your best athlete per month (if you are a coach) or 3-5 profiles for you as a professional athlete per month accessible via the platform
  • Development sessions and programmes for the coach or athlete to implement the changes (based on the profiling tools, delivered online via
  • Online education and materials (online and shared) via the platform
  • 24/7 access to our online community of experts and researchers (all from Loughborough University) in the area of psychology, physiology, coaching, biomechanics, S&C, and nutrition via
  • professional recommendation which will be seen as a plus for your coaching resume

The package (profiling, coaching, mentoring, materials) for all the successful applicants would be provided for free. However, in exchange, the coach/athlete would be expected to dedicate their time with us for feedback and discussions. The value of the package over the 3-month period is estimated to be approx. 15000 USD.

The process:  

  • For every place, there will be 1 interview (approx. 1 hour)
  • If successful, you will go through the onboarding process, meet the team, and get access to all tools.

After finishing the programme, there will be an opportunity to join the team as an Ambassador and get your hands on some of the unique, cutting-edge badminton science, software and badminton network (including mentoring and coaching) and receive an additional income stream.

The Unique Value Proposition delivers could significantly expand or change how you deliver your coaching business. 
For any questions, please write to or call +44 3300 271 891.