Bio-banding tournament - FAQ

What is Bio-Banding?

Bio-Banding is grouping individuals based on their Maturity Status rather than their chronological age (Cumming at al, 2017). 

How would the Bio-Banding be assessed?

At this moment we consider the Maturity Offset method (Age at PHV). This is still under consideration and it depends on some of the research and ethical considerations.


What is the plus of Bio-Banding?

We have acknowledged the Bio-banding in other sports, like Football. Please, check the Bio-banding in Football. 

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Why tournament? What is the idea?

At this stage, we want to complete a virtual tournament. Different teams in different countries will perform an internal tournament with team banded (grouped) together. Every player will enter a questionnaire before and after the tournament as well as their parents and coaches/staff involved.

The idea is to observe what is the perception of the players when they are divided into bio-bands. 

Because it is done within different countries, we will be able to understand how the bio-banding and maturation differ in those countries and where the methods of bio-banding should be adapted. 

What is my benefit for participation as a Coach?

We are looking for Coaches with active groups with players in the age of 13 to 17 years. Every coach will be educated about the bio-banding and the way the bands will be created and assessed. Additionally, we will present all benefits from bio-banding in systematic materials for free. This will help the coaches do this work on their own in the future and it is a value of around 400 GBP at this moment. 

We are looking for a Corporate sponsor for this tournament, adding additional value for the players and the organisers. 

What are the next steps?


Express your

If you are coaching youth players (12-18), let us know that you want to join.

Online Event & Education

Join the online education and preparation events.


Tournament organisation

Organise and Stream your tournament. 


Evaluation of the Data & Follow up Event for Coaches & Parents

Evaluate the data and questionnaires, follow up the events. 

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