Parenting of Athletes - What really matters and why?

Understand why and develop a strategy

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Parents as the key to success for most young athletes

Understand how to develop a strategy as a parent, help the young athlete next to you and engage with the coaches and organisations better.

As a coach, I am used to working with parents, athletes and other key stakeholders. However, it hasn't always been like this. To me I want to understand how important each stakeholder group is for the development of an athlete. 

To me, parents are not involved as much as they could or should be.  

Why? What are the challenges from a coaches point of view? How can you, as a parent, help your child to become a better athlete but more than this a better person?

In this online event, we will discuss: 

  • What are the challenges a coach experiences working with parents

  • What are the challenges the parents experience working with coaches

  • What is a dual-pathway for younger athletes and why this is important

  • How could (and should) the communication be handled between coaches and parents

  • What things the parents and the coaches should avoid

  • How parents and coaches could work closely together

This online webinar preliminarily aims to help parents. However, is also very relevant for coaches who are interested to hear a working, structured approach to engage with parents. 

What would you receive as part of the webinar: 

  • the complete recording of the webinar

  • a checklist to understand where you are currently 

  • a simple following pathway to make sure that  there is a good setup for further communication

  • Things to do and avoid doing

Guest speaker: Barbara Moszczynski - parent of a current top German player: Emma Moszczynski. 

About the speaker

Stefan is a professional badminton coach who has worked in Denmark, Germany and Bulgaria. He has had the opportunity to build athletes from scratch to the international top level. Over the years has influenced younger and more experienced coaches to coach systematically, applying principles of advanced coaching early on.

In his work with the parents, Stefan led collaborations, events and conferences in Denmark and Germany. His approach has always been to integrate parents into the development process and keep them informed and transparent about all challenges and situations along the athlete's journey.

Dato & tid
15. juli 2022
17.00 17.30 Europe/London


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