Technical Analysis
Could this be the future of Coaching?

Some years ago, analysing real-time HRV and HR would have been considered out of this World. At present, this could be considered a normal and very useful approach for everyone, not just the very best players. 

The technology develops fast. 

Understanding different player's technical limitation is a key to an effective Tactical Analysis as well as the foundation of coaching. 

How about analysing technic of any player based on AI biomechanical analysis in real-time? 

Sounds like a dream, but it is much closer than this. 

Biomechanics as science is, in my opinion, one of the under-represented sciences compared to many others. As a science, presents a key to understanding the potentials and limitations of any movement. 

There are a few challenges when using Biomechanics. 

1. Translating the results into simple language to Coaches and Players. 

There is a serious gap between Science and practical application. Some sciences like Physiology could be "translated" quite easily into a practical output. Some, like biomechanics, not that easily. 

This creates a gap between Scientists and Coaches. From a coaches point of view, too much information without practical application doesn't make any sense. Unfortunately, there is also limited information about very specific biomechanical studies which could make difference. 

One of the goals of - is to TRANSLATE key studies and scientific information into a coaching language. In this way, we could create inspiration for ambitious coaches and provide some very key information. 

2. Achieving this in real-time.

Proper biomechanical analysis requires high-tech Lab. This makes it even harder. 

However, there are AI solutions coming to the market. Even a mobile one. Solutions, like ProPlayAI, brings the key analytics of the Bio Lab to your Phone. 


As the AI learns more and more, which requires a lot of data (deep learning techniques are discussing a minimum of 9000+ similar movements with exact key similar phases), with time this will provide incredible analytics and potentially Coaching Interventions  like nothing before. 

It is logical many coaches to feel threatened as a "simple" software could achieve very efficient technical recommendations.  

This kind of tools will help coaches but also challenge them. Not everything will be smooth and I think the data collection, methods and approaches will be problematic in the beginning.

However, as coaches, we don't have to compare ourselves to the new AI technologies but to embrace them and use them in the best way. This will give coaching another twist and focus on coaching art more than ever. 

Success Criteria & Constraints
What is a successful technique?