Success =? Demand
Would the sport become more successful if all coaches and athletes get better paid?

One of the most significant differences between Badminton as a sport and many others like Football, Tennis, Basketball is simply the business and money side

To become a professional player or a coach, the effort is big as the effort of a professional football coach or athlete. However, there is a massive difference between the rewards. A salary of a badminton coach in Europe could go up to 50 000 EUR/GBP with some additional perks in some countries like Denmark and France, but in general, we can say it rarely will go over 100 000 EUR. And those salaries will only be for the very best of all coaches. Compared to football, when this amount could easily be earned for a week. 

What about the average young coach who wants to work as such but in practice could go to work for more money in Lidl, Netto or MacDonald's? 

There are some questions to which we have to find an answer as our responsibility for the future generations of coaches and players: 

- How do we create a higher demand for Coaches? 

- What structure could accommodate those changes? 

- How can badminton education be linked with the national and international structures to achieve such demand? 

In, we are looking for strategies that could improve the demand for highly educated coaches and push the expectations of minimum payments and salaries. 

We are developing our business proposition to be oriented to science-led coaches, scientists and professional players, as well as business organisations working in the area of Dual-Career

We are keen to work with everyone willing to develop higher demand for any badminton-related profession. 

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